Game controller problems - axes remap?

07-09-2005, 10:40 PM
I have a PS2 controller attached to a Super Dual Box ( ) and Iím trying to play
MechWarriors 4.

*gametalk* Now, what I want to do is set up the left analog stick to
torso twist and pitch... and the right analog stick to turning and
throttle. (which you can KINDA do) except that on the right stick, the
L/R axes is the throttle, and the U/D is the turning.

So, what I want to do is switch the Z axis with the throttle. Somehow.

I couldnít find a utility that did what I wanted, but I did find a
forum post somehow about editing the registry.

Supposedly, if you go to
and find your joystick, you can switch the properties of two of the
axes. (skipping a step or two in here.)

Z axis-Attributes
01 01 00 00 32 00

Slider (throttle) axis-Attributes
01 01 00 00 36 00

If I switch the two bold numbers, the axes should switch. Should. ...
Restarted the computer... ... nothing happened. ><

Help? Please?

EDIT: If you know of a utility that can remap joystick axes, that
would also work, I believe... but I still canít find one. >< ...

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Game controller problems - axes remap?