VPN&ISA Problem

07-10-2005, 02:53 AM
We have a windows 2003 domain and 200 XP clients in our Co.ISA server 2000
connects the lan Clients to the Internet and domain user authentication is
configured on the ISA server.XP clients use vpn connection to connect to ISA
server and proxy setting is just configured on VPN connection not lan
connection, just users that have a credential can connect the vpn server
which is configured on isa server and then use the IE to browse the web.Also
ISA Client software is installed on all XP clients.Our goal was that clients
use vpn connection for sending and receiving data from the internet through
ISA server but after the clients use vpn connection to authenticate to VPN &
ISA server the vpn connection is not used for traffic of the internet and
clients use lan interface instead.For reporting Reasons we want that the
clients use vpn connection for internet traffic not lan connection what
should i do to solve this problem?


XP Client ----> [VPN Connection] ----> [VPN&ISA Server] ----> This is used
for authentication now

XP Client ----> [local area Connectio] ----> [VPN&ISA Server] ----> Internet
Internet ----> [VPN&ISA Server] ----> [local area Connection] ----> XP Client


XP Client ----> [VPN Connection] ----> [VPN&ISA Server] ----> Internet
Internet ----> [VPN&ISA Server] ----> [VPN Connection] ----> XP Client

VPN&ISA Problem