Domain user cannot redirect LPT1

Mike A
07-10-2005, 02:53 AM
I am trying to redirect LPT1 to a shared network printer using the net use
command. According to a KB article, regular domain users are not able to do
this, only administrators can. It also says that if you disable the hardware
LPT1 port using devcon.exe via a GPO, it should then work for regular domain
users. Only... it does not.

The port is disabled properly, but running net use lpt1: \\server\printer
returns the same Access Denied that is did before.

On a similar note, assuming I can get this working, does anyone know how I
can get net use to run with this same command for any user on the PC? This
is for a tech college with multiple classrooms, where users go from room to
room, so each PC will have multiple users. The computer accounts are in OU's
based on their rooms, the users in OU's based on their programs.

The clients are XP pro and the server is Windows 2000, a domain controller.


Domain user cannot redirect LPT1