Windows XP browse Windows 98 share

07-10-2005, 02:53 AM
I want to ask a question for the Windows XP to browse Windows 98 password
protected file share.

A Windows 98 had a password protected file share, all Windows XP machine can
browse(type the password once when view the share), but one machine cannot.
I had tired use the net use command to login the Windows 98:
"net use \\PC98\share *", then type the password, it returns completed
successfully. I can view the share at instance.

But after I reboot the Windows XP, click the share in My Network Place, it
prompt the password to type, type it, but return the same login box at the
same time.

Did the login box and using the net use command is different?
All others Windows XP machine just type password can browse it.

I haf try to remove the NIC and reinstall TCP/IP, but no help.

Any help is appericate.
If wants to needs more information, just reply it, I will give it as much as
I can.


Windows XP browse Windows 98 share