changing interface numbers on my NICs

Stephan Steiner
07-10-2005, 02:53 AM

Starting today I'm experiencing a phenomenon that is killing me:

For various reasons I have two NICs in a machine, both connected to the same
network, but both set up to handle different traffic. I use various static
routes. Since both my NICs are on the same network, when I add routes I have
to specify the interface ID. But since they seem to change at random (after
each boot the numbers change, but they only take certain values like 0x2,
0x10003, 0x10004, 0x20004), it so happens that after a boot, a route that
used to be on NIC 1 is now on NIC 2, and the other way round. Since I have
certain applications that expect a given NIC to handle a given route, this
completely screws up what I'm doing.

I'm wondering, why would windows reassign the interface IDs after each boot
and is there a way I can make this erratic behavior stop for good?


Stephan Steiner
07-10-2005, 02:53 AM
Here's a part that I forgot:

If I remove both NICs, reboot the PC once, shut it down again, put one back
in, it is automatically assigned the configuration of the first NIC (before
taking both out). Why am I not faced with an unconfigured card? And can I
stop this automatic configuration assignment?


changing interface numbers on my NICs