help: connect to share - credentials stay

Allan Rydberg
07-10-2005, 02:51 AM
i can't believe i have to go to a newsgroup for this, but
all i tried so far, failed:

in simple: a shared folder i once connected to, can be freely
re-accessed even after a logout. how can i clear that credential
or in first place, not have the user/pass cached?

in detail:

the setup is a couple of xp boxes. one (S) shares a critical
folder, to wich the others can connect using the administrator
account and pass of the box that shares (S).

then i connected from a second box (C) to that share (browsing the
workgroup) without checking the 'store password' box when entering
username/pass. the problem now: although i logged out from that client
account whenever i log in, the account can browse the workgroup and
freely access the critical folder (S) without being asked for
a password.

1. how can i clear that credential for good?

2. how can i make 100% sure that a password is not cached somewhere
when i access a share and thus make the share avaialable to
anyone logging in after me??

any hints deeply appreciated

help: connect to share - credentials stay