Re: Internet Explorer Favorites Hidden

Simon Wong [MS]
07-10-2005, 02:51 AM
From your description, it certainly sounds like the Favorites folder is
obviously still there - since you can't create a new same-named one.

Your Explorer view at the location where your Favorites folder is located
i.e. mine is something like C:\Documents and Settings\username\
or could be something like C:\Windows\Profiles\username\
might be "hiding" the Favorites folder from actual view. Change the
Explorer view to "Details" (RightClick >> View >> Details) and try again.

Also just type
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Favorites
in any address bar and that will immediately take you to the folder. (It
will appear empty though if everything within it has been Hidden)

The reason your Explorer search fails to find it is because the search
window by default will not search thru hidden folders and files. I assume
you are using the Explorer window search - when you try the search again,
choose "More advanced options" and checkbox "Search hidden files and

So when you're in Internet Explorer, do you see the items in the Favorites
list? If not, that means all files and subfolders under Favorites have been
(formerly) hidden as well.

Hope that helps.


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"Kewser" <> wrote in message
>I recently made a Favorites folder hidden, and then set the folder options
> "do not show hidden files and folders." I needed to access a link in that
> folder this morning, so I set the options to "show hidden....." however
> the
> folder failed to reappear. I know it still exists because I tried to
> create
> a folder of the same name and I was told it already exists. I also
> searched
> for the folder in the "search all files and folders" search, and it failed
> to
> find it. Any suggestions?

Re: Internet Explorer Favorites Hidden