Netgear ND508 & ND520 NAS Drives with XP PRO
07-10-2005, 02:51 AM
Any one who has either of these old NAS devices and has these working with XP
Pro, please advise.

I use a couple of these as temp storage severs, and works in 98, and Knoppix
fine, but xp just will not allow a connection. I've tried all the networking
options on XP that I can find and none seem to solve this problem.

Anyone have any solutions to using these with XP Pro in a mixed, Linux/Knoppix,
win envrio?

Also any one who has upgraded and/or replaced drives in these devices with
either larger or similar devices I would be interested in your comments too. I
have one that needs a hard drive replacement, and Netgear has removed or
conveniently lost the ND508/520 firmware from their site. (Don't bash NG CS too
bad, they helped me greatly recently for free, politely, and accurately with
getting one recent aquistion password reset since the seller was no help.)

I've seen the articles about doing a Linux upgrade on these, but I really don't
want to do that. I just would like to fix the sick one, with NG firmware and
file system with either an equivalent drive or larger one if I can.

Thanks in advance

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Netgear ND508 & ND520 NAS Drives with XP PRO