AAARGH! Network Drives only work when connected to Internet

07-10-2005, 02:51 AM
I have a IBM Thinkpad Centrino running Windows XP SP 2.

For some software that I am running I need to Map a network drive letter to
a folder on my c: drive. I have enabled the sharing capabilities on the
respective folder and for the c: drive - there are two scenarios:

1. When DISCONNECTED from the internet (using a USB Broadband modem):

In My Network Places, when I click "View workgroup computers" I just get a
blank window.

When I try to Map a Network Drive, the tree will not expand beyond Workgroup.

2. When CONNECTED to the internet, I can map a network drive only by going
to Start, Run, typing "\\Computer Name", selecting the shared folder I want
to map from the window, right clicking on it and mapping the network drive.

When I attempt to "View workgroup computers" in My Network Places, I receive
the error message, MSHOME is not accessible. You might not have permission to
use this netwrok resource contact the administrator of this server to find
out if you have access permissions. (My username does have administrator

Thus it seems that being connected to the internet bypasses the normal
Microsoft Network and allows me to map the folder locally - this does not
help as I am not always connected.

I have also discovered that when I try to create a new network connection
(Advanced - Accept Incoming Connections), I receive the error message
"Incoming connections depend on the routing and remote access service which
was unable to start. For more information check the system log."

I have now spent 2 days trying to solve this and have called both IBM tech
support and Microsoft, neither of whom have been any help - is there a genius
out there?

AAARGH! Network Drives only work when connected to Internet