Network resource not accessible

07-10-2005, 02:43 AM
I have my desktop and a laptop connected to my ADSL router.

Drive C and Drive D (both on the same physical drive in the desktop) are
accessible from the laptop as are folders, sub-folders and files.

Drive G (named 'Backup' and recently re-formatted) is a second physical
drive and can be seen from the laptop as '\\computername\backup (g)'. If
I click on it in My Network Places the laptop will display the root
directory which is shared and is set to allow other computer users to
modify files.

However, if I try to open a folder (also shared in an effort to get
access), or try to copy a file, I get an error window to the effect that
the folder/file is not accessible and I 'might not have permission to
use the network resource. Contact the administrator' etc.etc. 'Access is

In the past I have been able to access the drive and copy files
backwards and forwards. Obviously something has changed: anyone able to



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Network resource not accessible