Zoom x3 internet connection dies randomly.

07-10-2005, 02:42 AM
Iím using a zoom x3 adsl firewall/router/modem to connect via

Every so often I have to go into my router config on its i.p,
and set restore the backup of its settings and let it reboot to get
any sort of net access.

It ussually co incides with this appearing in network connections, the
top icon, when i click on properties for that it shows 3 entrys with
no names, and in there properties are the ports for http. telnet and


When this connection problem occurs, programs such as my gmail
notifier say "error cant find blah de blah on dns server"

In ipconfig/all the dns server is set to my router but then
it is when its working aswell, infact the ipconfig/all is the same if
its working or not.

Please help as Iím going to smash my computer soon as Iíve got a short
fuse and when stuff doesnt work I tend to kick it :D

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Zoom x3 internet connection dies randomly.