Re-Sizing/reducing Explorer Browser customizing

07-10-2005, 02:41 AM
I'd like to know how to customize the explorer browser 6.0. I use a full
screen by pressing
the F11 function key, but when I want to keep a page open, I like to
reduce the window to a smaller size, so I press F11 again and the browser
window shrinks.

However, I've noticed every so often the reduced size will change and I
want to know how to customize the browser so I can change the browser to
the size I like best ?

It seems that windows has a gremlin inside that changes the shape and I
have no control over it and then magically, the size changes again and I
spend time dragging the corners to a create a samller size, but when I
close the browser, wham!! It goes back to a larger size and I have to
reduce it again.

How do I customize the browser and change the settings ? Surely there is
a way.


Re-Sizing/reducing Explorer Browser customizing