minor probs with windows - batt. meter / iTunes

07-10-2005, 02:41 AM
i have 2 minor probs at the moment.

1) I'm running win xp pro sp2 on a hp nx16t20 notebook, and only recently my
battery meter has stopped appearing on my taskbar to tell me how much batt
time i have left. I've checked the battery properties in the Control Panel,
and the box saying 'show power meter in taskbar' is always ticked. i've
checked and unchecked this box, and restarted, and still nothing.

Has anybody else encountered this problem before?? Could it be due to a
possible software conflict?!?

2) I'm also using iTunes v.9 and also, only recently i've noticed that when
i go to put the visualisation on to 'full screen' it ends up becoming a
smaller windowed visualisation in the centre of my screen. have also noticed
as well that my initial start up image (its a pig of the Centrino logo with
my F10 bios option) is also windowed in the centre of my screen.
Any other programs that can be run at full screen ie, windows media player
10, DVD player software etc, all work normally - its just that the iTunes
visualisation doesn't display properly.
Again, could this be due to conflicting software with my display adapter, or
could it be a corrupted file?

any feedback / help would be greatly appreciated.



minor probs with windows - batt. meter / iTunes