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07-10-2005, 02:40 AM
I found this at

Turning off "simple file sharing" (see below) allowed the other
computers to get to the new one, albeit with a password. Tomorrow's

4) Is ForceGuest enabled?

Yes: Success, create access token using the Guest account and we are
No: go to 5.

ForceGuest is a new feature of Windows XP that ensures that all file
and print connections to the Windows XP computer, either using an
existing user name or a non-existing user name, will use the Guest
account, instead of the true credentials of the user. You may know it
under the more familiar name: Simple File Sharing.

Effectively this means, that no one can create a remote administrative
connection to the Windows XP computer. And this includes the local
administrator of Windows XP! This is a great plus for home users. Even
if somebody on the Internet were to know a user name and password
combination for administrative access to the Windows XP computer, that
combination can not be used to remotely connect to the computer with
higher privileges. The attacker would always just be Guest.

This option is always on for Windows XP Home, but does not apply to
Windows XP Professional computers in a domain. For stand-alone Windows
XP Professional computers, you can disable the option.

The registry value ForceGuest at
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA determines whether this
option is on or off. In the Windows XP user interface, you can change
this through Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View/Use simple file sharing
or set a security option in group policies: 'Network access:Sharing and
security model for local accounts'.

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Re: Guest account still appears on from network