XP Sleep PS/2 device failure

07-10-2005, 02:40 AM

I've been expeiencing a strange problem with an old Dell Inspiron 5000
laptop running XP Pro SP2, most recently patched 3 weeks ago. When I
hibernate it, the keyboard and touch pad are frozen, as is a PS/2
mouse. However, a USB mouse works properly, and I can restart to

I'v echecked the drivers, and they are generic microsoft PS/2 drivers
from 7/1/2001. Mouse and keyboard versions are 5.1.2600.

This only occurs during sleep, not when the screensaver locks it.

Can anyone recommend a solution or course of action for this? It isn't
the end of the world, but it -is- annoying as all get out.

XP Sleep PS/2 device failure