RE: Usb External Case Not working XP

07-10-2005, 02:39 AM
Do you have SP2 on your XP? I think it is an SP2 problem. My usb hdd works
fine on computers without SP2 but just con't be recognised by mine with SP2.
I wrote Microsoft Technical Support -- I have only two free consults with
them, they say. Any way their rep replied within 24 hours as they promised.
They asked the following questions:
Am I running on SP2?
What is the brand and specification of this USB HDD device?
When was my last Windows update?
Then they asked for some system info on my computer.

After sending them all the info they wanted, they asked for a few days to
work on the problem. I haven't heard from since. That was 47 days ago! This
is Microsoft for you -- the world's greatest software company???

So I tried uninstalling SP2 but the Add and Remove program failed --
couldn't find the necessary file, it said. After reading all the Microsoft
help docs on uninstalling SP2, I couldn't find the answer to my problem.
Guess I'll just have to reinstall XP. But then I'll lose all my other
programs including my Outlook Express emails. Is there a way of reinstalling
XP which does not clean up C-drive as well?

If you can reinstall XP without SP2 I'm quite sure it'll solve your problem

"Craig" wrote:

> ARGH!! it stopped working again!!!
> I had to reinstall windows xp again because my soundcard werent working, now
> my sound is working again my hdd isnt!!!!
> i think it may be because instead of plugging it into my laptop the first
> time, it was already plugged into my laptop so i just switched the power on...
> could this have messed it up because it wont detect it??? its supposed to be
> plug and play compatible :(
> is there anyway to make it detect the harddriove again WITHOUT reinstalling
> windows??? man this hdd makes me angry lol

RE: Usb External Case Not working XP