duplicate phantom drive entry problem - help please!

07-10-2005, 02:36 AM
summary - current situation

have 7 hard drives on my computer (c,d,e,f,j,k,l) (g=dvd)
c&d on primary ide
g (dvd) on secondary ide
j on usb2
e f k l on promise controller
dual boot - c W98SE & f XPPro

now when i boot xp (on f), xp sees c & a duplicate c it calls h (just
like c - even same label)
explorer = c d e f g(dvd) h(dupc) j k l
sisoftware sandra = as above
acronis = as above

computer management = disk0 d, disk1 c, disk2 e, disk3 f, disk4 k,
disk5 l, disk6 j (doesn't see phantom h!)
device manager = as above

any way to get rid of the duplicate entry/phantom h short of reloading

appreciate any help
thanks in advance

inexact description of how it happened

Had a situation & forget exact sequence

c had bearing noises so decided to replace. bought acronis & new drive
(c still ok at this point)
installed new drive, as h, & used acronis to image from c to f
restored from f to h
removed c & put in new c (was h)
(think that's how it went) and then the trouble started

i have dual boot - 98se on c & xp pro on f
when i booted 98se on c all drive allocations ok
but when i booted xp on f, xp sees c as h

acronis asked me to:
Please do the following:
-run /Start/Setting/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer
Management/Disk Management
-click right button of mouse on H: partition
-choose "Change Drive Letter and Path"
-click "Change"
-choose C: letter and click OK button.

forget what happened!!

so then they asked me to go to:

went to regedit and renamed c to z and h to c
but when i rebooted explorer now can see c but has another drive entry
for h which is a dup of c
so if you click on h you see same data
went to regedit & deleted h, rebooted & h back again (in explorer &
mounted devices in regedit) so boot process is adding it
i gave h another name, under explorer - mm
when you go into control panel/admin tools/computer mgmt/disk mgmt -
there is no h but c has the name i gave h "mm"

went round the houses with acronis & finally gave up on them. would
not escalate & kept asking same questions. usless.

duplicate phantom drive entry problem - help please!