RE: 911: help with boot volume/ MBR/partition

07-10-2005, 02:35 AM
May be the boot sector or FAT/ MFT are corrupt.
use some tool to fix it.

I suggest you use Partition Table Doctor to fix boot sector.

First thing I recommend you download the demo version of
Partition Table Doctor.( )

Run the program and right click the partition and choose fixboot.

For more detail:

"mr chocolate" wrote:

> All,
> Can someone offer advice for the following failure:
> a) i can no longer boot from my original boot drive
> b) i exchanged the drive cables and now boot from an alternate drive - i
> want to recover the original drive
> c) when i use 'disk manager' i can see the original boot drive (labelled
> 'Disk 1', the physical volume is partitioned into two logical volumes, one
> 15GB, labelled 'F', the other 138GB labelled 'G'
> d) the 15GB volume, the original boot volume, is not accessible
> e) in Disk Manager, the 15GB volume, identified as 'F' is noted as 'Healthy
> (Active), when I change focus to this volume it becomes crosshatched.
> f) the second volume on this drive, lablled 'G' is simply identifed as
> 'Healthy', it is surrounded by a green border.
> g) I can access Volume 'G' and see all files
> h) I *cannot* access Volume "F". even though its listed as Healthy (Active)
> and even though I can change the Drive identification letter (From 'F' to
> any arbitrary unassigned letter)
> i) can i conclude that this partition is not deleted but perhaps the MBR is
> missing? If so what can I do to repair this, if anything. I do not have an
> ASR disk.
> Thanks for your time and expert advice
> mr chocolate

RE: 911: help with boot volume/ MBR/partition