Port forwarding / ICS / WinXP

07-10-2005, 02:33 AM
Hi, first off i'll like to say im new to this stuff but im a fast

I have 2 computers connected trough a crossover cable (no hub/router)
and 1 of them has a DSL modem and is sharing it trough ICS to the other

The other day i we were trying to play an online game and whenever both
of use joined we would get 999 ping. I read on the site that we had to
forward the port 7700. Well i have no idea how this is done. I went to
the settings of the ICS and tried to mess around with the settings but
i didnt got it to work. Any idea how this is done?

Btw the game allows me to change the port used to anyother port so i
was thinking like one computer used one port and the other used another
and then whenever 1 computer got packets it would send it to the other
computer trough another port. But i dunno if thats how it even works.

Thanks in advanced.

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Port forwarding / ICS / WinXP