Re: how to get rid of the "log on" screen and get to the "welcome

Crimson King
07-10-2005, 02:32 AM

i have the same problem as listed above...

I can't get the Welcome screen to appear - i done all the things you
mentioned i.e. enabled welcome screen and FUS - i don't believe that i am on
a domain but how can i check this?

Thanks - Gerard

"Rick "Nutcase" Rogers" wrote:

> Hi,
> Control panel/users, click "change the way users log on and log off". You
> need to enable both the Welcome screen and FUS (Fast User Switching). Note
> that you cannot do this if you are on a domain.
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> <Winnie =-> wrote in message
> >I recently upgraded to XP. Each time I turn on the computer I always get
> >this
> > annoying log on screen rather than going to the "welcome" screen, like on
> > my
> > sister's XP. I wanted to know how to get rid of that log on screen. Also I
> > couldn't switch users (even though I haver already set up user accounts in
> > control panel). When I log off I get the same log on screen, which on the
> > drop down list only have "administrator".
> >
> > Thankx!

Re: how to get rid of the "log on" screen and get to the "welcome