Can I recover lost files in XP?

07-10-2005, 02:32 AM
I got a new pc last May and this morning, for the first time ever, the pc
booted into a light-blue screen that seemed to act like the old scandisk for
Windows 98...I had several bad clusters...Before I shut down last night,
McAfee detected a virus, but I cleaned it and deleted it (so I thought)
before shutting down...As I was watching the gings-on on this light-blue
screen, I noticed a message that 11,296 files were not recovered because
there wasn't enough disk space, which seems odd since I have 120 Gig on that
secondary drive (primary drive has another 120 gig)...

After 4 hours on this screen (it was now checking to see how much free disk
space was on my F-drive, taking hours to do so), I shut the pc down manually,
rebooted, it went back to the light-blue screen, found a few more bad
clusters for about 5 minutes, then kicked into start-up mode and the pc is
finally working...But I noticed on my F-drive that 3 or folders are missing
and I am missing about 11,000 files...

Is there any way possible for me to recover these files?...Any way at all?...



Can I recover lost files in XP?