Microsoft Fax installation program

Angus Comber
07-10-2005, 02:32 AM

I installed XP Using XP Professional with SP1 CD then loaded Service Pack 2.

Everything is working fine - no problems. Then I installed a modem and then
went on to install Microsoft Fax - in Add/Remove.

Problem is get to a point in file copying when get a Copy Error message. It

Ensure that the location specified below is correct, or change it and insert
'Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 CD' in the drive you specify.

Then there is a Copy files from field - marked as
d:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386. The file in question is fxscomex.dll -
this file is actually in this location - and I can ma nually copy it
around - so is not corrupted. (p.s. I installed XP to my D: drive - it is
the second partition on my hard drive - not a CD drive - in case that is

Problem is I do not have the XP SP2 CD. What can I do to install MS Fax?


Microsoft Fax installation program