Crazy problem with hard drive :S

07-10-2005, 02:32 AM

This is quite a long story.

My problem now is that my half of my MP3s have been corrupted in some
mad manner: i click to play it and it randomly plays other songs in my
collection, skipping between songs every few seconds.
Also some of my video files are refusing to play, even though i know
they worked fine a week ago. It says the format is not supported on
some, and on others it plays, but shows the total time to be
ridiculously longer than it really is, and you cannot skip to points in
the film.

I am assuming these problems have arrived as a result of a problem i
have recently with my computer (which i think i have now solved - a
dodgy IDE connector). Basically my computer would just restart itself
and then refuse to boot up (unable to find C:\ to boot from) This went
on for a while, on and off. Recently though it got very bad, and
somehow i was forced into reinstalling windows (with a reformat of
drive C, note that my mp3s and videos are on my other hard drive, D).
This didnt solve anything, in fact the problem got so bad that i could
literally only stay in windows for a couple of minutes at a time, then
i would wait for half an hour and i could get in for another 2
minutes. I *think* this is all caused by a dodgy IDE connector to my C:
drive (put it like this since i changed connector, my system has been
perfectly stable).

After one such restart of my system, it actually did boot back towards
windows and scandisk ran and checked my drives. I noticed that it was
doing something to quite a few of my MP3s. It is since this time that
my mp3s have not worked correctly (i can't pinpoint it to this exact
time, but im pretty sure it was then).

Does anyone know if a situation like this could cause media files to be

Is there anything i can try to recover the mp3s and videos?

ANy help will be greatly appreciated!

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07-10-2005, 02:32 AM

Not to worry! Problem solved!

because i had just installed windows again i hadnt got as far as
installing SP1 or SP2. Apparently without one of these windows does not
support hard drives larger than 137Gb (i think its that) and my drive is
160Gb. So i just installed SP2 and now my MP3s are working. Except i
seem to have lost the tags :( but that is a minor concern.

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Crazy problem with hard drive :S