CD RW-DVD has gone missing!

07-10-2005, 02:32 AM
The CDRW-DVD drive "suddenly" vanished from my computer. It's not listed in
the Device Manager and using Set Up Defaults hasn't changed anything.

I have full and complete security, virus/spyware protection, etc... but I
also have teenage sons who love my laptop when I'm at work.

I'm avoiding System Restore (I've no idea when it disappeared), recovery,
and repair unless that's my only option. When I insert a cd in the drive the
green light does come on as if it wants to read the disk, but nothing happens.

After checking out the Event LOG one of the ODD things I saw was: The device
disappeared from the system without being prepared for removal.

Anyone have any idea? THANKS!

CD RW-DVD has gone missing!