Windows Update stops a prog.!

07-10-2005, 02:32 AM
If I permit windows to update, (several files,) a programme stops working.
Restore to a previous day and all is well.
Returns error message "X#=OD, CS=01A7 IP=0000759B
the NTVDM CPU has encountered an unhandled exception"

Windows XP Home, programme that fails dBASE IV, run from a batch file
Other programmes run from batch files work OK eg QuickBasic.

How can I overcome the problem, and update?
If not, how can I find which update or more likely updates are causing the
How can I find updates that have been uninstalled/bypassed by restoring
so that the "safe" ones can be re-installed?

Any help gratefully accepted|

george, who remembers "PRESS PLAY ON TAPE #1"

Windows Update stops a prog.!