UnZip error

07-10-2005, 02:30 AM
=WinXP home SP2=

I use a (batch) cmd file to save my dbx files to another drive. It has a
line for every folder in Outlook Express 6 and looks like this:

xcopy /s/e/i/h "C:\Documents and Settings\Elmira\Local Settings\Application
Express\Inbox.dbx" "F:\Outlook Express exe backup\OEbackup

That part works fine.

It is when I compress the backup folder that things go awry. I have tried
using both QVP Compress as well as Windows ''SendTo Compressed folder.''
Most of the dbx files will compress and unzip just fine. But every once in
a while instead of getting the dbx file when I unzip, it will have changed
to an empty folder with the original name, ie ''Inbox.dbx.''

Unfortunately, it seems to happen on a completely random basis. There are
also occasions where this occurred when the content was something other than
a dbx file.

Can anyone make sense of this and possibly advise a fix? I'd rather not
have to install an additional program such as WinZip.

Thanks, Elmira

UnZip error