Latest updates break "Fast User Switching", etc.

Bob Shair
07-10-2005, 02:28 AM
Yesterday I installed the seven "Critical" fixes using Windows Update on my
XP Pro SP2 computer.

KB883939 Cumulate Update
KB890046 Security Update
KB893066 ditto
KB896358 ditto
KB896422 ditto
KB896429 ditto
KB890830 Malicious Softare Removal Tool

After installing these,
1) Clicking on "Switch User" on the "Logoff" popup menu had no effect
2) After Screen Saver came up, the "Welcome Screen" was not displayed.
Instead, the active user was still connected.

Both seem to be related to some problem going into "disconnected" mode.

Anyone else seen this?

Using "System Restore" I removed the seven fixes, and now it's working fine

Is there any way to report this to Microsoft?
Bob Shair
Open Systems Consulting
Champaign, Illinois

Latest updates break "Fast User Switching", etc.