Wordpad and high CPU usage

Bob Davis
07-10-2005, 02:28 AM
When Wordpad is run on this system I've noticed that CPU usage hits 47% and
uses ~5.2m of memory even when idling and with no document loaded. OTOH, my
notebook and several other computers show 0% and 4.7m under the same
conditions. The notebook has similar specs, with a P4 630 (3.0 ghz) and 2gb
RAM. The OS is XP SP2 with all updates. I do not get the same issues when
Notepad or Word 9.0 are run. These run as expected, with no CPU usage when

Needless to say, something is awry here, although I have no such problems
with any other app and the system is very stable. Having Wordpad running at
any time heats the CPU up 15C or more than normal and has other obvious
side effects on performance. Any help with this bizarre quirk would be

System specs:

Motherboard: Gigabyte 8KNXP v1 (non-Ultra), f13a bios
CPU: 3.0C P4 Northwood (not OC'd, HT enabled) with Zalman CNPS7000-Cu HSF
2gb RAM (4 x 512mb Kingston DDR400 in dual-channel mode @ SPD, matched
PSU: Antec 480w Truepower in Antec full-tower case
Fans: 80mm x 5 (2 w/PSU, 2 on rear, 1 on HD housing)
OS: WinXP Pro (SP2)
Keyboard: Northgate 102 Ultra (via PS2 adapter)
SATA0 & 1 (ICH5R) - WD360GD x 2 in RAID0 array [C: 72gb, boot drive]
IDE1 - Master: Maxtor 6Y160P0 [D: 160gb]
Slave: Mobil Rack rotates six drives for weekly cloning.
IDE2 - Asus CRW-4824AH CD burner
IDE3 - Disabled
IDE4 - Disabled
AGP - Matrox G450 DH at 4x
- Sony E540 (21") primary
- Sony A240 (17") secondary
NIC (on board) - Connected to Linksys 4-port router
Networked computers: 3
Sound (on board): Enabled
Firewire (on board): Enabled (for extra ports)
PCI1 - Empty
PCI2 - StarTech firewire adapter
- Lexar Compactflash reader/writer [F:]
- WD1200BB 120gb on firewire adapter [J:] (Powered on when needed)
- WD1000JB 100gb on firewire adapter [K:] (Powered on when needed)
PCI2 - Empty
PCI3 - Extra parallel adapter (LPT2)
PCI5 - Empty
LPT1 - Brother HL-645 laser printer
LPT2 - Epson LQ-850 dot-matrix printer
USB 2.0:
- Canon LIDE80 scanner
- Epson Photo Stylus 2200 ink-jet printer
- Wacom pen tablet
- Digital Wallet (usually not connected)
- HP Pocket PC h2215 cradle
COM1 - USR Courier V-Everything external modem (for fax)
COM2 - Empty


Wordpad and high CPU usage