Keyboard Not Responding - XP

07-10-2005, 02:27 AM

I am having great difficulty using my computer since I installed an HP
Officejet 7110 multi-function printer.

P4, 1.8 ghz, 896 Ram,

My keyboard is no longer responding. Device manager shows an
Exclamation point on the driver. ALL other functions are working
normally. I can surf the net and read emails using the mouse. Only
keyboard is affected.

Changed ps/2 keyboards - no change.

Switched to a USB keyboard - no change.

Switched to Safe Mode - did not work.

Restoring to a System Restore point before the new printer
installation used to fix the problem, but no longer works, and in
fact all the restore points are now gone from the system.

Reinstalling the keyboard driver does not work. Uninstalling the
keyboard and rebooting does not work.

We discovered that the mouse and the keyboard are apparently trying to
use the same interrupts. We uninstalled both and installed only the
keyboard. Did not fix.

I Installed a back-up drive that was cloned 12 months ago, the
keyboard works proving the hardware is good.

How do I get the Keyboard to work again?

I have since purchased a new machine and now have both new and old on
a network allowing me to access my files on the old machine.

I am lost... Thank-you for any suggestions.


Keyboard Not Responding - XP