RE: remote assistance - user not prompted to accept

07-10-2005, 02:26 AM
You mean "Solicited" right! .....And why does everyone assume that it's a
Windows Firewall issue. Many people do not use MS Firewall, myself included.
Basically Port 3389 needs to remain unblocked...confirm this by running the
Netstat -a command.

Fact is Remote Desktop is great in XP/2003......but the Remote Assistance is
a down right pain to configure and use ...... even moreso if you're on XP
SP2. then there's the DCOM settings to take care of at the Local Group Policy
level.....and the list goes on and on.....

There are 2 MS KB Articles that may be able to help you - ;)

1) KB Article 301527: How to configure a computer to receive Remote
Assistance offers in XP/2003

2) KB Article 306496: How to configure or disable Solicited Remote
Assistance in XP

....and for the adventerous.....

3) KB Article 884910: You cannot offer remote assistance to a user whose
computer is running XP SP2

After all is said and done.......the first 2 KB Articles should help....and
the language is relatively simple to understand.

I really hope that this helps!!!


"fwilliams" wrote:

> I configured remote assistance correctly; however, users still aren't
> prompted to accept unsolicited invitation. Please help!

RE: remote assistance - user not prompted to accept