Unencrypted encrypted files on crashed hD?

07-10-2005, 02:26 AM

I was running WinXP off a 2 partition HD. Primary partition crashed. I
have a bunch of confidential docs on the second partition. I stuck the
drive into an external enclosure but my laptop couldnt copy the encrypted

I got a new HD, stuck it in the original machine, installed fresh WinXP, but
that machine couldnt read the files either. I restored an early image of
WinXP on my crashed partition, stuck that back in the machine, and couldnt
copy or read the files either.

Now, my orig partition logged in as admin with a password; none of my
reimaged or reinstalled XP boots had that.


Can I boot to my orig UID and PW, on a NEW HD partition, and unencrypt these
files when the old HD is in an external enclosure? Or do I need to boot the
ORIG HD, with my UID and PW, to unencrypt?

Or am I SOL?

I suppose this data isnt absolutely necessary, as I have tax returns and
hardcopy, but I want to give it a shot.

Unencrypted encrypted files on crashed hD?