recovery console password

07-10-2005, 02:26 AM
I asked this question below a few days ago, and had several responses which
are posted below....I need help here, I've tried everything that has been
written below and to no avail....please read all of the paragraphs to
understand my problem...if anyone can please help, I would be eternally

Chris 6/14/2005
I'm trying to run the recovery console from the CD, after booting to the CD
and it comes up to a point after selecting to run the console and select the
drive on which the installation resides, where it prompts me for a
password....I have never entered a password for that, only for my 1 user
account and that password doesn't there a default password or a way
to get around that prompt???

Will Denny 6/14/2005
Hi, Either try leaving the password blank - default for XP home Edition, or
you are using XP Pro, the password is the one you used when installing XP.
Will Denny
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
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Chris 6/14/2005
Hi Will, thanks for the reply....I did try to leave it blank and that didn't
work....when you say the password that I used when installing XP, what do you
mean by that...I don't remember entering a password when I did the
install....only when I created my user account, which doesn't work...

Raztax 6/14/2005
Are you using XP Home or Pro? If it's home, then the default password is
left blank...If you use Pro it asks you for the admin pass on setup.
If it's Home, and the pass is not blank, then someone put one there.

Chris 6/14/2005
Pro SP2....and I'm trying to restore from my original Pro CD, which I
believe was either SP1 or no SP (original first issue)...and when would I
have put in an admin password, cuz I did the original install and I don't
putting in an admin password....

MAP 6/15/2005
The password is sometimes blank. So, try just pressing enter when
you are asked for a password, it may help.
Or, if you can get into XP, even safe mode, you can arrange to bypass the
password by the following registry change:
Instead, just run REGEDIT (Start à Run à Regedit)
Navigate to

Set the DWORD SecurityLevel value to 1

Mike Pawlak

07-10-2005, 02:27 AM
With XP Pro you are required to set an admin password on setup, if you
cant remember it, then sorry to say but as far as I know you are SOL,
as there is no way to get to recovery console without it.

recovery console password