Re: Need a recommended anti spam program.

07-10-2005, 02:25 AM
OM Wrote:
> Can someone recommend me an anti spam program?
> I've tried Norton's - OK, but for some reason, after usage for a
> coupleof months, it takes forever to classify new spam email.
> I've tried a freebie called K9: I would not recommend to anyone else!
> What other recommended ones are there?
> Thanks.
> OM

I think you can use BSpam.. Its totally free.. just read what they

" BSpam blocks unwanted spam mails that infiltrate into your mailbox.
BSpam blocks emails with a little help from you that helps everyone
almost real time. It can be installed as a plugin to your existing
Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook. Its users can report a particular
email as spam, and once email is reported as spam by one user, it is
blocked from reaching the inbox of others thus benefiting all users of
BSpam. ours is a free serivce. "

check their website

07-10-2005, 02:26 AM
OM -

If you feel comfortable testing a program that we use evey day, but is
still in beta test, our TekGuard anti-spam PlugIn is available for
download from

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Re: Need a recommended anti spam program.