NTFS volume with large unmovable block

07-10-2005, 02:22 AM

I have an NTFS boot drive that has acquired approximately 100 GB of
"unmovable" data at the end. This is an XP boot drive with an actual size of
250 GB, and it has about 30 GB of real data on it.

This happened after changing out motherboards and running a repair install
from the XP CD. Other than the space problem, the drive works perfectly.

I have tried these things without success:

1. Another repair install of XP

2. Imaged the drive, formatted, and restored the image.

3. Imaged the drive, low level formatted it, and restored the image.

4. Run both chkdsk /p and chkdsk /r from the XP CD recovery console.

I have verified that the drive has NO bad sectors, but Symantec Speed Disk
identifies the area in question as "unmovable", while Partition Magic 8
refers to it as "bad." I have no access to the area, so I can't see what is
actually in there, if anything.

What should I try next ?



NTFS volume with large unmovable block