strange missing files on XP network shares

07-10-2005, 02:22 AM
I have a few XP Pro systems on a network setup as only a workgroup (no domain
servers). All are fully updated and patched.

If I drag/drop folders from machine 1 to machine 2, certain folders are
missing files. All copied folders are in My Documents on each machine and the
My Documents folders on each machine are actually individual disk drives (not
part of the C: drive).

On machine 2 I select all of a folder called "Humor" on machine 1. "Humor"
contains 220 files and 3 subfolders. When the copy is done the "Humor" folder
on machine 2 contains only 214 files and 3 sub folders.

Upon investigation I found the exact files that are missing and on machine 1
I can open them and rename them and they look fine. They are identical to the
other files in type and size but they are completely invisible to any machine
via a network share. I can see them only on machine 1.

If I zip them up and copy the zip file to another machine and then unzip
them, they look and work fine on any machine. Even weirder, if I select one
file and convert it from a .jpg to a .gif file then the other 2 hidden files
on machine 1 magically show-up on the view of this share from machine 2. If I
delete the .gif file on machine 1 then on machine 2 I can no longer see all 3
missing files. There are other .gif files in the same directory as well.

This is the behavior of some of the missing files from one of the 3
subdirectories. The other subdirectories exhibit the same weird behavior.

The problem seems to stem only from machine 1 but it's a real problem as I'm
trying to use tools like ViceVersa and DirSync to sync-up machines and these
tools, like Windows Explorer, keep missing these files.

Any ideas about this strange behavior?

strange missing files on XP network shares