Re: computer sporadically rebooting itself

07-10-2005, 02:21 AM
Hello, I am having the same problem. When I try to access certain websites
the computer shuts down. This only happens when I am trying to access certain
websites. So the computer shuts down and I get a blue screen with a STOP

Can you help in solving this problem


"Ron Martell" wrote:

> taylor <> wrote:
> >Hello, I am having some trouble with my machine and was wondering if anybody
> >could explain it. I will be on my cpu playing games, and than out of nowhere
> >it will just reboot my system. It only happens once every couple hours and it
> >has only started in the last week. I spoke to my friend who also has XP and
> >he says he has had problems with his cpu restarting for about 5 days as well.
> >Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Open Control Panel - System - General and click on the Settings button
> in the Startup and Recovery (bottom) section.
> In the Startup and Recovery window click on the checkbox for
> "Automatically restart" to clear it. Then click on Apply and OK as
> needed to exit.
> That should put an end to the spontanteous reboots. However they may
> be replaced by a "Blue Screen Of Death" STOP error message and the
> computer may then lock up, requiring a manual power off and restart.
> If that does happen then the contents of the STOP error message,
> including the STOP Code and all 4 parameters, will be a direct clue as
> to the underlying cause of the problem. Post that information back
> here if you require assistance with diagnosing this.
> Good luck
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Re: computer sporadically rebooting itself