memory error in XP Pro

07-10-2005, 02:20 AM
We have devloped a large 3D model using mostly solids in AutoCAD, and we are
difficulty plotting the entire file. It plots fine without hiding lines,
but when we hide the lines, after about 60%, AutoCAD closes without warning
and the plot is not completed.

Sometimes, we get a memory error in AutoCAD zooming across the command line
before it disappears, other times we get an alert dialog box before AutoCAD

We have tried plotting to a file, directly to an HP plotter and to a PDF
with no success.

The AutoCAD file is about 45 MEG and it has a 50 MEG Xref attached.

We are running a new Dell P4 with 4 GIG of RAM and over 120 GIG available on
the hard drive. It is running AutoCAD 2005 on Windows XP professional. I
believe the video card has 128 MEG of RAM.

We have tried setting the /3GB switch in the boot.ini file, but see no
difference in performance.

1. Is there a way to verify that the /3GB switch did anything?
2. Is this a limitation of AutoCAD? I don't think it is our model. It
AUDITs fine, and this problem can be duplicated by arraying a bunch of
solid cylinders....
3. Is this a limitation of Windows?
4. Is this a limitation of hardware?
5. Is there a way to start Windows with AutoCAD exclusivly using the memory
6. What can we do to get a complete plot?

Thanks in advance,

memory error in XP Pro