Can't boot Windows XP, safe mode screen freezes!

07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
Hi, thanks for responding. I've tried reinstalling the recovery disks
and nothing happens. However, once when I was in the safe mode screen,
I clicked on the Last Configuration settings just for the heck of it and
it came up with an error message:

Windows\System32\Config\System file is missing or corrupt, reinstall
with original windows set up disk.

I don't have the original disk, just the recovery disks that came with
the system. I have a valid product key, which I haven't even be able
to register yet, is there anyway, I can install another copy of XP, but
then use my product key?

I called the place I got it from, and they just said to bring it in.
That's a huge pain for me though.

Any ideas?

p.s. When you say "periferals", can you be more specific?


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Can't boot Windows XP, safe mode screen freezes!