No users recognized

Seth M.
07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
This post is similar to one by Dan_m :

"My laptop suddenly developed a condition where there are no userids on the
Welcome panel. Therefore, I cannot logon to the machine. I did a Ctl-Alt-Del
and tried to logon to the Administrator ID but it is also missing. I ran a
utility to reset the passwords on the userids and it could not find any. Any
suggestions as to how to proceed? "

However, I'm running a desktop, Windows XP Home Edition SP2. No users are
visible in the welcome screen, but I am able to log on as the Administrator.
Once there, however, I cannot access any user accounts through the control
panel. The following error message pops up :

"The current user account is not recogonized. Restart the computer and then
open User Accounts."

Following those directions does not work.

Although I haven't noticed any other access problems, it is an annoyance and
an error that I would like to fix.

I've Googled it and the only solution was to reset the Ginadll entry in the
registry (which does not exist on this computer) or to change the settings in
User Accounts (which I cannot access). To my knowledge, no new software was
installed prior to this error. Any ideas?

No users recognized