MSN Storage

07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
Hi There

I am looking for some free online backup for my daughter. Windows XP offers
a webpublishing wizard that lets you create a folder on your own drive,
(mapped network folder) that you can simply drag and drop files into. Quote
from XP help:

The Web Publishing Wizard provides a way for you to store your files and
folders on the Internet. You can copy or move files and folders to a
personal online folder that is stored on the Microsoft Network (MSN).

The files you place in your online folder can be accessed using your .NET
Passport. A .NET Passport gives you personalized access to your MSN file
storage site by using your e-mail address. If you don't have a .NET Passport
already, the .NET Passport Wizard will help you create one when you attempt
to publish a file or folder to the Web.

You can access the files stored in your personal online folder from any
computer that has a Web browser. After you publish a file or folder to the
Web, a link to that site is placed in My Network Places on your computer.

When you are connected to the Internet, you can add and delete files from
your online folder just as you would any other folder on your computer.

1) How much storage space do we get?
2) How secure is this (you do have to sign in with MSN passport details)
3) Is this the correct newsgroup to post this in?

I have looked on all sorts of MS pages but can still not find the answer!

Any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


MSN Storage