Another one for you

07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
I have asked this in the ie6 ng with no answer but I'm adding a
new wrinkle to it. The problem.............and I'm referencing 2
different machines and OP systems.

Running a P4 //w 2.2 G and 512M memory. XP pro.

OE6 6.00.2900.2180 (XPSP_SP2_rtm.040803-2158)

I have mine set up with the list of subjects on top and the
"From: To: and Subject" window on the bottom half. Always have
and assume it is standard with most folks. When I reply to a
post, it used to just send and return me to the post I was
replying to. Now it erases the top window except for the little
squares showing where the subjects WERE. It hangs up there until
I click a different folder (newsgroup) and then go back to my
original one (like yours) and it will list normally again except
it starts at the top again and I have to scroll down to the post
I was replying to. What has changed? I have run 6 different
virus finders and none of them find anything. I just checked and
I have all the MS updates.
Firefox would be the answer, albeit not the real solution.
OK, I'm on the old win 98se now. I formatted the main disk and
reloaded everything including the 5.0 version of IE/OE on the cd.
I, with some misgivings, let the update on IE/OE run and it
updated it to 6.something. I even ran all the updates it
requested and that was a bunch of them. Anyway, this machine has
as up to date a system as the one described above. The only
difference is, is it is behaving.
The DBX files seem to be all right because I copied them and put
them into this machine and everything works just dandy.
One answer I tried that I can't get to work. It was suggested
that I take the "sendmail.dll" off the win98 machine that is
working and substitute it into this xp machine. It BTW is only
19kb long (and works) and the one here in the xp is 54kb. (A
prime example of xp's inflation, isn't it?) I can copy it and
even delete the old dll by logging on as administrator and paste
the old one in but in a couple of seconds it (the 54kb) comes
right back.



Another one for you