07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
Maybe you guys can help me here.

I have both computers tied together via a router and each see
each other and will modify each others files.

My secondary one can't see anything in this ones "C:\programs\" .
Not even the listing.

If I want to copy a file under there like 'letters' under 'coral'
under 'programs', I have to copy it and put in someplace else.
Then the other computer will see it and copy it.

I assume that someplace, there is a restriction reading this main
computer that I haven't found. So far, "programs" is the only
file it refuses me. ????

I see that "programs" under properties to be not shared. I can
change it to shared and it still can't be seen on the other
computer. Also, I notice *every* directory on 'C' is listed not
shared and I can see all of them, just "programs" is restricted
to the other computer.

Any idea why???


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