FIles which can't be copied -- could they have a cyclic structure?

Cyril N. Alberga
07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
I had a hard drive failure, to the point of having to rebuild the boot
sector and revert to the default SYSTEM.SYS, SOFTWARE.SYS, etc. I then
tried copying my useful files over the network to another computer.
Part way through the copy hung up, and when the machines were restarted
CHKDSK ran (and I haven't been able to find the log on it). At that
point I shut the XP machine down.

I ran out a bought a second hard drive and installed it.

First, I tried to clone the bad disk, using an Acronis rescue disk.
That failed, after the estimated time reached 3 minutes it started
slowly increasing. I left it running over night and in the morning it
was showing 14 minutes to go, and was totally unresponsive.

I then installed XP on the new drive, switching the bad drive to SATA
port 1.

My next try was Unstoppable Copy. This time, when it reached a
particular directory, filled with .BMP files (all in the 8 to 12 MB
range) it slowed to a stand-still. Even with "Auto-skip" checked it
would take a couple of minutes on each file (actually, the first hundred
or so files were fine, but after that things fell apart) before skipping it.

I then tried EasyRecovery Pro. It hung up on the same files.

As a final desperate measure I ran Norton Disk Doctor, which gave the
file system a clean bill of health!

I also tried to copy one of the files from the COMMAND-box, and again,
the copy never terminated. When id did a DIR the lengths were all
reasonable. This is also true in Windows Explorer. You can look, but
you can't touch. Or copy, or read, or move. I haven't tried to delete
one, either.

So -- what could the matter be? It isn't a total disaster, as these are
scans of items which I still have, but it will be a bother to recreate
them. Has anyone encountered a similar situation? I don't know the
structure of the NTFS file system, but if it were a FAT I would suspect
a cycle in the chain of sectors. Could this be the case? If so, how
could it be fixed?

07-10-2005, 02:16 AM
hmm thats interesting, i had a guy who tested Evidence Eliminaot for
local company, so they couldstrip and sell on there old PC's. We found
it got slower and slower as it ran. It would do the first half of the
tasks in about 20 minutes and the last half in about 8 the
time it got to wiping the free space it was at a standstill. if you shut
the program and then restarted it, it finished the task in minutes. We
rejected the program, but I oft wondered if it had anything to do with
either pagefile limitations, the number of unclosed file handles,
memory not deallocating or similar.

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FIles which can't be copied -- could they have a cyclic structure?