Complicated Problem: Domain/Workgroup Change, Password Issue

07-10-2005, 02:13 AM
I'm close to fixing this, but I need some help to get the rest of the way.

General Info:
Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop running XP Pro 5.1 w/latest updates (updated this

Since my laptop has not been attached to my old company's network for about
a year, I changed my computer from working in/on a domain, to working in a
workgroup (Control Panel/System Properties/Computer Name/Network ID). Upon
performing this change, the system wanted to be restarted, which I did. I
then could not login using my old username and PW. Using another computer, I
was able to find out that one of the only ways to get into the computer was
to use the Admin login and PW which I did not have (and was not going to be
able to find out).

I managed to get into XP and bypassing the PW screen using a boot disk and
another useful program (!).

I tried several times to use Restore Points to restore the computer to the
prior configuration w/o luck.

I then went to User Accounts (Control Panel/User Accounts) to see if my
account was still there which it wasn't. I can still see all of my "old" info
(Favorites, Cookies, My Documents, etc. under Documents and Settings. I
figured that I need to set up another User Account and copy all of my old
info to the folders (Favorites, etc.) under the new account. Is there an
easier way to just get XP to point to the old folders?



PS In searching the Web, other people have had this same problem when
switching from domains to workgroups. I can't believe the Microsoft does not
put some sort of warning message at the Computer Name screen or in the
Netwrok ID Wizard that would warn people of the consequences of changing to

Complicated Problem: Domain/Workgroup Change, Password Issue