lost icons, only wallpaper is visible

07-10-2005, 02:13 AM
My computer is suddenly extremely slow during start-up and shutdown,
and when it does eventually start-up the wallpaper is the only thing
that is visible. I can access the task manager (by ctrl, alt, delete)
and there are processes running, but nothing shows. (Windows XP is my
operating system on my dell dimension.)

I believe the program stems from an ad-aware program that I ran
previously in the day, as it deleted too much i'm afraid.

While trying to restart my computer, on one occassion the icons
eventually showed up and the taskbar appeared as if it was from windows
98 and I could still not access the internet, the computer was just as
slow and it was evident that a problem was still in existence.

Anyone have any suggestions???


lost icons, only wallpaper is visible