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Usenet News
07-10-2005, 02:12 AM

USENET NEWS [formatted for monospaced typefaces]

Allegations leaked May 26, 2005 re maintainers of http://www.mp3-faq.org/ using an outdated
and bogus "MP3-FAQ" to spam for Easynews, Inc., a Usenet provider based in Phoenix, Arizona:

Message-ID: <6894x3837468bfd76h98745@ureeoink-no.net>

Message-ID: <98709sdx98709fgen@ureeoink-no.net>

One man, Mr. Charles H. Clendenen residing at 1205 Machado Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613,
admitted being connected with the site, which advocates the distribution of pirated music
and solicits cash from visitors on its homepage. Clendenen claims other people are
maintainers as well, however to date these unknown individuals have refused to step forward
and identify themselves by name or nym.

Clendenen, who condemns the usage of yEnc and PAR files, has admittedly logged visitors of
his secondary site and openly threatened to use that logged information to expose or
prosecute. He has also violently threatened to commence legal action against a poster.

Clendenen and his associate, Stewart "Rattfink" Smith, are both subscribers of Easynews.
Smith continues to enjoy posting through Easynews despite continually forging a domain name,
"rathole.com", although having been repeatedly told he lacks permission to do so. Mr. Edward
"(e)" Kohout, an impoverished pedophile residing in Barstow, California who can't use Forte
Agent because of "the learning curve", also continues to post through Easynews with virtual
impunity despite repeated SPAMMING and off-topic spewage. Kohout is a staunch supporter of
both Clendenen and Smith, and is an "MP3-FAQ" advocate.

Paper trail directly linking Mr. Jeffrey A. Minor, owner of Easynews, Inc., to Mr. Darin

Message-ID: <MaGle.1493374$8l.447175@pd7tw1no>

Mr. Wayrynen is the owner of Deru Communications Corporation, registered Arizona host of the
bogus "MP3-FAQ" site, which contains a PayPal link on its homepage where visitors are urged
to send money to <paypal@deru.net> to "contribute to keep the FAQ site going".

The scheme suggests Wayrynen receives the cash, keeps a percentage for his role as middleman
and quietly forwards the rest on.

How many thousands of dollars was scammed to date by mp3-faq.org remains unknown, since the
site owners refuse to identify themselves let alone provide financial accounting. A whois
reveals mp3-faq.org is registered to a non-existent Texas entity, phone number 999-999-9999.

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