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07-10-2005, 02:12 AM
This is a very old thread. I'm just wondering why no one put this idiot
NoNoBadDog! in his place. He made a statement that was 100% wrong and
then proceded to badmouth people who disagreed with him. I hope he's
reading this but I doubt it. Let's just go over this once more so that
people realize that NNBD has absolutely no clue what he's talking

"Ghost was written by Peter Norton."

False. As Greg R noted, Ghost was created by a New Zealand company
called Binary Research Limited. Peter Norton lives in California, not
New Zealand.

"It has always been a Norton product."

Well, since it wasn't written by either Symantec or Mr. Norton this is
false. As of 1998, the Norton name belonged to Symantec and Symantec
issued a press release that year, "Local Disk Cloning Technology
Acquired by Symantec".

"It became the property of Symantec when Peter Norton sold his company
to Symantec."

False. Peter Norton sold his business to Symantec in 1990. Ghost was
acquired in 1998 from Binary Research Limited.

Some of NNBD's inane comments:

"And your point is? The link you posted only verified my post..."

>Ghost has not been a norton product since it's inception.

"I never said it was. I said that they acquired it when Peter Norton
sold it
to them. Get some help for the drug'll thank yourself

"Side note to Greg R. Not man enough to admit you are wrong...that 's
okay. Some people are like that. Ghost was written by Peter Norton. It
has always been a Norton product. It became the property of Symantec
when Peter Norton sold his company to Symantec. Simple. If you don't
get it...oh well. Otherwise, STFU."

Clever lad.

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Re: Norton Ghost 2003???