Why does IE "Send Page" rename the webpage?

07-10-2005, 02:11 AM
Please help, I am pulling my hair out....

I am working on a new desktop based on XPSP2, Outlook 2003, IE6.
The old desktop was NT4, Outlook 97, IE5.5

I have a system running on my intranet which is programmed with Cold Fusion,
and generates reports with webpage filename "reportnumber.cfm", but the
webpage title is "reportnumber.htm" and this is shown in the title bar.

On the old dekstop, once the Coldfusion page was generated, my users clicked
"Send Page" and it attached a nice "reportnumber.htm" file into a new email.
This email was then opened, and the other person clicked on the htm file to
see the report.

On the new desktop, it seems to be using the Filename, but to make things
worse, it renames "reportnumber.cfm" to "reportnumber.txt"

Why is this happening???

I have tried using the "Send Page" feature on standard html pages and it
works fine...


Why does IE "Send Page" rename the webpage?