Bypass Folder Permissions?

07-10-2005, 02:10 AM
Is there any way I can access the 'My Documents' folder from another
account? Here is my setup:

My last laptop died, I cannibalized its HDD, and put it into an
external drive bay, which is connected to my new laptop via USB. My
files in the 'My Documents' folder are blocked by the Windows
permissions on that folder, both that user, and my current user are
Administrators. Any attempt to share the folder is met with an error
message denying the share, including trying to move the folder to my
new HDD shared folder.

There are important documents in that folder that I no longer have
access to, and if there is any way to get past the wall, I would
appreciate the information. I alsou would like to say that the windows
install that was originally on the old HDD is gone, all that remains is
the 'Documents and Settings' folder, and a few other misc. folders.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer me!


Bypass Folder Permissions?