Something is blocking Norton and Adaware from running

07-10-2005, 02:10 AM
I'm trying to fix a co-workers computer.

For the most part this computer works fine, but Norton and Adaware will
only run in safe mode. If I double-click on the links or the files that
run directly, nothing happens.

All other programs seem to work ok, except for the install file for
Adaware (I tried to uninstall/reinstall) and ditto for Norton.

The problem with this is that the definitions hadn't been updated on
either program since 4/28/05 and now the programs have been uninstalled
(since I tried to uninstall/reinstall).

About two days ago, he says he started noticing popups etc. and there
was a html file showing up where the desktop background should be. He
didn't let me know about this until today. I don't know whether the
adware/spyware is the cause or an after-effect.


Any thoughts?

How can I download updated definitions and run Norton/Adaware given the
difficulties I am facing? :confused:


Something is blocking Norton and Adaware from running